What are the signs that I should be concerned about a loved one's hearing?

If a relative frequently asks, “I beg your pardon?” or is replying to questions incorrectly, a hearing test may be warranted. Another sign of hearing loss is that they can’t hear the television at a volume that the rest of the family can.

Is it generally only older people that are affected by hearing loss?

Hearing loss affects people from all age groups. These days younger people are exposed to excessively loud music through their headphones, or at concerts/nightclubs. Research is showing this is having a major effect on hearing at a younger age.

Construction workers, ambulance drivers, DJ’s and factory workers are all examples of professions where loud noise can cause permanent damage to hearing.

Current statistics show that 1 in 6 people are affected by hearing loss.

Two thirds of the Australian population, 65 and over, have a significant hearing loss problem.

What about children?

As a parent or grandparent you may feel that your child/grandchild’s speech may be delayed. This can be a sign of hearing problems.

A hearing assessment by an audiologist can be performed in the clinic from 10 months of age. Such an assessment is an effective means of determining the hearing status of children. Hearing problems are often treatable, for instance fluid build up in the middle ear region can lead to glue-ear if left untreated.

Children from the age of birth to 5 years are on a steep learning curve and are like sponges absorbing all they can from their environment. Hearing plays a very important part in this learning.

Early diagnosis always allows for the best rehabilitative results, so please call our clinic if you have any concerns about your child’s hearing.

Am I entitled to a hearing services voucher?

If you are a full pensioner or have a Gold DVA card you are entitled to the Federal Government’s Office of Hearing Services Voucher scheme. Please see their website for access to an online application form for this service. Northern Sydney Hearing is a contracted provider for the OHS Voucher scheme. Please call the clinic for further information if required.

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids varies widely. In basic terms, the more functionality built into the device, the more expensive it will be. Most customers find excellent value in their hearing aids due to the benefits of good hearing in their daily lives.

Please contact Northern Sydney Hearing for a hearing aid assessment /consultation.

How can I best communicate with a hearing impaired person?

– Look for a quieter environment if possible.

– Take care to ensure you have their full attention.

– Face the person to whom you are talking.

– Make it clear what you want to talk about.

– Take care to speak clearly.

– Do not jump from one topic to another.